Always the right water depth
With an Inducon moveable pool floor, you can modify the depth of your pool quickly, easily and with infinite variations. You can choose to set a fixed or a sloping depth for your pool. This allows your pool to have maximum options, comfort and swimming fun for every group of users.

Inducon will produce the pool floor fully in accordance with your requirements - with a slope setting, variable parts and integrated steps.

An Inducon moveable pool floor can be installed with a minimal built-in height, which means existing pools are left with enough pool depth. The construction guarantees optimum safety and water hygiene.

Benefits of the Inducon moveable pool floor:

  • Quick settings for every required fixed or sloping water depth
  • Secure operation, safe and clean
  • Creates a heat-insulating cover
  • High load-bearing capacity and stability
  • Finish of your choice, for example with plastic, tiles or natural stone
  • Extremely easy to operate
  • Integrated moving steps optional
  • Requires few architectural provisions
  • No guides required in the swimming pool wall
  • Minimum built-in height
  • Also suitable for existing pools


  • Luzern, Switzerland


     A pool with rounded corners is also provided a moveable floor.


    The photo's show a floor in Luzern, Switzerland, and even with crooked suggest possibilities.

  • Nijverdal, the Netherlands


    In its raised position, the Inducon moveable pool floor is above the water surface. It provides the perfect heat-insulating cover and produces significant savings on the pool’s energy costs. As a cover, the floor also reduces water evaporation.



    The floor can be walked on and is completely safe. It is that strong that it can be used as a dance or fitness floor...


    A frequently used option is a moveable floor for part of the pool. When the floor is at its lowest position, the entire pool has its full depth.


    This version is moved with a number of lifting arms. If you wish, this floor can be provided as a sloping version.