The slatted folding cover is a unique system with many advantages. The cover folds out fully automatically and in accordance with the zigzag principle. The clean underside of the cover never touches any dirt on the top side, which is the optimum situation for water hygiene.

Extremely suitable for larger pools
A folding cover has virtually no limitations in terms of dimensions. One-piece covers for pools of up to 30 x 50 metres are perfectly possible.

Fully automatic operation for optimum return
An Inducon folding cover is folded and stored with one push of the button. It is easy to cover part of your pool and for shorter periods of time. The ease of use helps you to achieve significant heat savings.

Beautifully integrated
The Inducon slatted folding cover can be installed above or below ground. The advanced lifting system is particularly superb, as the cover is completely integrated into the pool surround. In the standard built-in version, the top plate of the storage can serve as a walkway with a railing or as a place for the starting blocks.

The Inducon slatted covers consist of a linked series of strong and durable floating hard PVC slats. The slats are available in white, blue, grey, transparent or in the solar version. The solar version is particularly interesting for private pools that are often not used during the day. The cover heats the water for the evening or the next morning.