Inducon’s Solcon energy system is a simple, economical and environmentally friendly way to keep the water in your pool at a comfortable temperature.

The Solcon collectors consist of a system of black plastic (EPDM rubber) hoses and tubes that absorb sunlight.

Part of the pool water is pumped through these collectors, absorbs sun heat and flows back to the pool. Simple, but extremely effective.

Even when there is little sunlight, the Solcon system produces a significant rise in the temperature of the pool.

The Solcon solar collectors can be integrated into the existing technical system of the pool, but can also be fitted independently. The energy system is usually fitted on flat roofs,

but the collectors can also be fitted on a flat and screened-off area near the pool.

The energy yield is approximately 40-45 m³ natural gas equivalent per m² collector surface per swimming season.

Solcon solar collectors are:

  • A simple system
  • Economical and profitable
  • Extremely environmentally friendly
  • Can be fitted separate from or integrated into the existing technical system

To ensure optimum benefits of this energy saving, we recommend you use the collectors in combination with a pool cover. This ensures that heat collected during the day is stored overnight and the pool does not have to be heated all over again the next day.

With the supplied control equipment, the heating process is easy to control and to manage. The collectors can be connected seamlessly to two separate filter circuits. You can determine which circuit has priority in that case and to which temperature the relevant pool must be heated.